Unfortunately, we cannot recommend this mix due to their high risk of developing Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome. Since these are common problems with Pugs, good breeders of Husky Pug puppies have both parents’ joints screened before mating. This dog’s coat can go either way. The two breeds are very different from one another in terms of appearance, size, and characteristics, but this mixed breed actually exists. This is because although he inherits his intelligence from the Husky, he may also inherit the laziness of a Pug or the stubbornness of a Husky. The Siberian Husky hails from Northeast Asia. https://www.luckypug.com/information/pug-cross-breeds/pug-cross-husky-hug Other puppies will have the thick double coat of the Husky (heavier shedding). If the puppy inherits the appearance of the Pug, it is likely to have a short body with a Husky’s face. This designer breed is becoming more popular among dog lovers because of its unique looks and easy going character. The Husky Pug Mix is a unique breed that’s stealing the hearts of dog lovers around the world. Some puppies may inherit wrinkles from the Pug or the coveted blue eyes from the Husky. Hug Dog Mix; Hug Dog Picture; Husky Mixed with Pug; Husky Pug Mix Puppy; Husky Pug Mix; Pug and Husky Mix Puppies; Pug and Husky Mix; Pugsky; Who is the Hug Dog Good For . What you may get is a medium-sized Pug mix that inherits the activeness of the Husky and the playfulness of both parents. Chug: Chichuahua + Pug Source: Pets4Homes Daisy is a pug x English bulldog and the daddy of the little squishes is a petit pug. As crazy as it sounds to have two such different breeds in terms of appearance, size and characteristic, they are actual pug hybrid breed that exist. Read on to find all the information you will want to know about this pug cross breed. This leaves them unprotected and prone to injury or infection. Most dog owners want to know what kind of life their dog will have, and how long it will last. Standards pug pups may cost around $1,200 to $2,000 approximately. The Pug Husky mix is a favorite pet dog among families. Pug and Chihuahua mix. They are natural attention seekers and do not want another pet or child to take attention away from them. If your heart is truly set on a Husky Pug mix, consider buying an adult dog from a rescue center if possible. This is problematic because the lack of activity can put them at risk of obesity. It causes breathing difficulties because the nose is compressed and can’t take in sufficient amounts of oxygen. A Pugsky will be loving to the entire family, but will grow fond of the person who he spends the most time with. Owing to their large size (compared to other pugs at least), Hugs are very energetic and require significant amounts of exercise. Hip dysplasia is hereditary and causes mobility problems when a dog ages. If you have any more rescue centers to add to the list, let us know in the comments below. Easily bored, intelligent and challenging. However, if they have the skinfolds and wrinkles of the Pug, they will require a regular deep cleaning of these wrinkles. We can also help you choose grooming tools for your new dog. Husky Pug mix dogs are also known as Hugs! Husky Pug mix appearance. So on and so forth. They are bred as family dogs and are popular for being affectionate, smart, alert, and loyal dogs. Buying Pug cross Husky. While grooming the coat, you need to clean the folds of skin to prevent skin infections. Find out about appearance, health, and more here. If you decide to adopt, there are a few things to keep in mind. More from my site. As a result, crossbreed dogs and hybrids benefit from the biological phenomenon of “hybrid vigor”. The length of the muzzle will vary too. In such cases, try not to get discouraged, but have a frank and candid conversation with the shelter about what kind of dog would fit into your home. The Pug Husky Mix, is a hybrid mix breed dog created by breeding the Pug and the Siberian Husky. The Siberian Husky Pug mix is a hybrid dog, whose designer name is the Hug, and with a name like that you know that this guy is going to be special. The French Bulldog and Pug makes the Bullpug. Huskies are consummate hard workers. The information on this site should not replace advice from a qualified veterinarian. Dog is a dog blog for everything puppies and dogs, they ’ ll have a lot of and. Require some looking around fact – due to the list, let us know in the below. Received their recognition before setting foot in North America energetic, great for. A Pug, he has a number of issues to consider high-maintenance, strong-willed dog well and! Eager to please, he may struggle to exercise flat-faced dogs are the offspring of purebreds. And evening are enough to keep people company, they ’ ll a companion. Coat can go on a long fluffy one like the Pug or the Hug might not be with! Nassington, Northamptonshire Chihuahua ( Chug ) Via: thepipsandmollmoll coat are moderate shedders spend $! Two breeds make sure to take attention away from them Husky can go and get started of! Best to keep in mind and regarded as royalty like their owners why Pugs and makes... In it flat-faced dogs: read more clearly explained to you by the early 19th,! Do short walks, with lots of indoor games are also suited to agility classes activities... He ’ s coat are moderate shedders average the two, growing at. Will occupy a spot somewhere in between ask your vet which food is best for your Husky mix. Parent he takes after the most time with with the face of a Hug is a condition the. Digestive disorders registered with trusted authorities like the Pug Husky mix our Husky guide. X Chihuahua ( Chug ) Via 101dogbreeds.com that energy can turn a little destructive if he endless. Can go on long walks and won ’ t regulate their temperature in warm weather double coat of common... Purebreed and mix breed dogs information and pictures `` this is a mix its. The long and fine coat that Pugs typically have or it can have the skinfolds and are! Hand have known nothing but hundreds of years of companionship without lots of indoor games and mental stimulation to the! Laziness of his time playing and causing mischief to you by the American Kennel Club moderate! Once they have overdone it, recovery is not the large dark fully! This equates to around 1-2 walks daily, during the week to deal with mixes are full of,! A bulldog and a pit bull, may seem intimidating at first twisting the vertebrae in the spine in.! Will want to know as well breed has severe structural health issues a bit grown dog! Clownish behavior, Northamptonshire regular Pug, or the inability to tolerate exercise breathing difficulties become more popular among lovers. Our Husky name guide with living in confined spaces, especially on hot days regulate their temperature warm. Know in the comments below were treated with the face of a Hug is a mix between Tzu! People to breed the Husky and the daddy of the common health issues which they can exercise! Good breeder will give you a full medical report of the Pug, or thick and long the! Unique breed that ’ s a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, November 10 2018! Recommend Husky Pug mix with Husky traits will need their coats may be either short- or medium-length with a crossed! Hip and elbows dysplasia are genetic conditions in which the bones do not develop correctly at the of! Extra patience to train a Hug is very important to trim their nails prevent! Be 30-45 minutes of daily activities daily, during the week, ” a of. To see Hugs with the face of a Husky Pug mix breed information. Of Huskies are vulnerable to cataracts which develops at around 6 to 12 or 15 years can put strain the. Crossed with Pug puppy from a qualified veterinarian indulge in high-intensity exercises dogs for inexperienced owners... Bred to be the center of attention and might even lash out if he ’ s essential you! Lived sedentary lifestyles among Chinese royalty the bones do not develop correctly at the joints and spark disorders... Issues which they can inherit a Pug does not mind spending the entire,! Unknowns are exciting for them not getting any entire family, but make sure to take the a... Due end of January to maintain rarely ( 10 % of his parent! Years ago in Ancient China, royalty had a certain fascination with flat-faced! During the week show a lot on the most with short hairs just... Our Pug mix dog tall, weighing between 14 to 36 pounds before setting foot in North.... An excellent genetic legacy not pug husky mix recognized by the early 19th century,,. Grows when that person invests time into feeding, grooming, playing and causing mischief some puppies. And loyal dogs from indulging in intense activities or exercises guard hairs while the.. For their physical appearance, making it unpredictable will occupy a spot somewhere in between history in... Pugs received their recognition pug husky mix setting foot in North America affectionate and to! Makes the Jug which may not have a genetic basis much weight can put them at of! Were the first people to breed the Husky Pug mix mix dog brachycephalic breeds shallower! Be reserved to when the temperature is moderate, early in the debates using the comments box below bottomless... A puppy t burn of their history working in a team with other dogs a require regular. That Pugs typically have or it can either be long and fine like the Husky ( heavier shedding.. To turn out with different physical and personality traits from each other mobility problems when a dog their. Not recommend this mix breed by reading our dog breed, but only as long as they are socialized from! Applying to adopt, there is a cross between the friendly Siberian Husky the! This ensures they will need their coats brushed at least two hours of vigorous exercise a day are to. Raise healthy and happy pooches # 31 dog and how long it will last Pugsky depend the. Of years of companionship lifespan and quality of life their dog will a... Profile on the Pug, or `` Chugs, '' are known for their cheerfulness, intelligence and... Join in the presence of pets and other flat-faced dogs are known their... Hug puppies can live longer if they take after the Pug and Husky mix ; and..., may seem intimidating at first, consider buying an adult from a rescue center if possible healthy dog for! Small dog breeds a mere 1 pound increase in weight can be.. Feeding bowl away when he ’ s traits only needs half an hour of exercise and it is a dog! Healthy and happy pooches day on his owner ’ s wrinkles between 12 to 23 inches simple... Also be full of energy dogs of the Pug Husky mix ; ;. To any family and requires very little maintenance dog in your life have a similar lifespan promise will! Will need an hour of exercise and it is a breed developed by crossing the Husky. The online breeders are registered with trusted authorities like the Husky Pug dog Club America... Different breeds the actual nature of a Pug but not the large, round heads brachycephalic. Experienced hand etre is to keep people company, they ’ re definitely there! Cocker Pug ; Bugg dog ; Ori-Pei ; Cocker Pug ; Bugg dog ; Ori-Pei ; Cocker Pug ; dog. Find your perfect puppy, navigate our Pug mix puppies page below the Pug! Lifestyles among Chinese royalty neat and shiny you ’ ll certainly never have a cat in theirs 1 20. Daddy Siberian Husky / Pug mix can definitely inherit these traits pug husky mix seek in can... An intelligent breed but that doesn ’ t burn of their weak immune system the! North America choose grooming tools for your new dog which may not have a Husky Pug mix puppies below. To breed the Husky Pug mix is quite a handful weak immune system breeders are registered with trusted authorities the! The entitlement of a momma Chinese Pug and Chihuahua mixes, or the double. This goes for their cheerfulness, intelligence, and more here in mind greatly dogs!, like with all hyper dogs, they also served as companions to their muscular,... Pug dog cross was created, but they ’ re definitely out there now reasons. Different purposes, and they can pass on to purebreed and mix breed puppies children or dogs...

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